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Grammatophyllum scriptum - In BUD!

Grammatophyllum scriptum - In BUD!

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Introducing the extraordinary Grammatophyllum scriptum – a botanical marvel that brings the grandeur of one of the largest orchid species into a compact, miniature form. Unlock the allure of this dwarf mutation, a true gem among miniatures, and witness the elegance of Grammatophyllum orchids in a space-friendly size.

Traditionally known for its impressive stature, Grammatophyllum scriptum is now reimagined as a captivating miniature. Where the wild type thrives in 10-inch pots, towering with 3-foot tall flower spikes, the 'Dwarf' or the 'Miniature' variation boasts a dramatic transformation. Through meticulous mutagenesis, this enchanting orchid flourishes in a mere 2-inch pot or 4" pot, while consistently producing delicate flower spikes, becoming an embodiment of perpetual beauty.

Are you captivated by the allure of Grammatophyllum orchids but hindered by space constraints? Look no further – this miniature, compact-growing wonder is the answer to your dreams. Unlike its taller counterparts, it remains modest in height, allowing you to cultivate the enchantment of Grammatophyllum even in limited spaces.

A tribute to the famed tiger orchid family, this exquisite variation inherits the resilience and adaptability that Grammatophyllum orchids are known for. Basking in bright sunlight, it thrives with a vitality that echoes its wild origins in the low-lying coastal regions of Southeast Asia.

The true spectacle, however, lies in its magnificent flowers. Each blossom is a work of art, a testament to nature's craftsmanship. As you observe the intricate patterns and hues adorning the delicate petals, you'll be transported to a world of botanical wonder.


  • var. 'Dwarf' - This is a tiny dwarf version of the Grammatophyllum scriptum, a blooming size in a 2" net pot inside a 4" clay pot, about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!
  • var. 'Miniature' - In BUD! as of 06/06/24 : This is a compact miniature version of the Grammatophyllum scriptum, a bit bigger than the 'Dwarf'; this is a blooming size in a 4" pot, about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

Disclaimer: While we take utmost care in packing your plants, we cannot guarantee the healthy arrival of flowers, buds, sheaths, and/or spikes upon delivery. You are purchasing a blooming orchid at your own risk, as buds and flowers may be damaged during transport.

Originating from the exotic landscapes of Southeast Asia, this rare Grammatophyllum scriptum 'Dwarf' is an embodiment of elegance and rarity. It's not just a plant – it's a coveted addition to your collection, a conversation starter, and a living piece of horticultural history.

Embark on a journey to cultivate the captivating allure of Grammatophyllum scriptum – a masterpiece of nature now scaled to fit your world. Seize this opportunity to own a piece of botanical artistry that defies convention and showcases the elegance of miniaturization.

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