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Oncidium Alliance - Howeara Lava Burst Pacific Sunrise

Oncidium Alliance - Howeara Lava Burst Pacific Sunrise

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Howeara Lava Burst Pacific Sunrise

Howeara is an intergeneric hybrid of Rodriguezia, Oncidium, and Leochilus. 

The plants stay quite small, near mini-size, and bloom with good-sized spikes of colorful flowers with a broad lip and some spotting. This variety has colors in the red, orange and yellow range. 

Very easy plant to grow potted on a windowsill, it also does well mounted. 

This easy growing orchid is compact and has a mild fragrance. It has beautiful multi-colored flowers and will bloom throughout the year! 

2.5” pot. Blooming Size.
​Most ​species in the Oncidium genus are epiphytes, although some are lithophytes or terrestrials. They are widespread from northern Mexico, the Caribbean, and some parts of South Florida to South America.
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