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Hoya ciliata var. black

Hoya ciliata var. black

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Introducing the Hoya ciliata var. 'Black Hoya' – an exquisite marvel for plant enthusiasts seeking the allure of deep, dark blooms coupled with a delightful peanut butter fragrance. This unique Hoya cultivar showcases star-shaped flowers in an enchanting black hue, adorned with captivating yellow stars on top. If you crave the extraordinary and appreciate the uncommon, the Black Hoya is your botanical companion.

Cultivating the Hoya ciliata var. 'Black Hoya' is a rewarding experience. As a fast grower, it thrives in typical houseplant conditions, thriving in temperatures between 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (18-27 degrees Celsius). Maintain a high humidity level of around 80% to keep this beauty content. While it appreciates sunlight, ensure it is bright and filtered to mimic its native tropical and subtropical habitats.

Plant your Black Hoya in well-draining peat-based soils to provide the ideal foundation for its growth. Originating from tropical and subtropical regions like Indonesia and Malaysia, this succulent species is evergreen and perennial, making it a captivating addition to your indoor garden.

The Black Hoya's lush vines are a visual feast, boasting fuzzy leaves that add an extra layer of charm. This hoya flourishes in warm weather and high humidity, making it an excellent choice for indoor cultivation. Strike the right balance with good drainage and shade, ensuring the soil stays consistently moist without drying out excessively.

Witness the rare and mesmerizing transformation as your Black Hoya matures into a breathtaking display of almost black flowers, a unique feature that earns it its common name. Revel in the sweet aroma of peanut butter that accompanies these blooms, creating a sensory experience that sets this hoya apart from the rest.

This is a plant division in a 2.5” pot, about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

Originating from the Philippines, the Hoya ciliata var. 'Black Hoya' is a gem that is still rarely offered for sale. Embrace the allure of the uncommon and elevate your plant collection with this extraordinary hoya. Keep it above 50°F to ensure its well-being, and watch as this captivating beauty becomes a focal point in your botanical sanctuary. Don't miss the chance to cultivate the Black Hoya – a distinctive and rare botanical treasure.

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