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Hoya ilagiorum

Hoya ilagiorum

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Introducing the Hoya ilagiorum, a dazzling gem in the world of indoor gardening! Originating from the lush landscapes of the Philippines, this unique plant is a delight for enthusiasts, boasting easy blooming capabilities and a spectacular display of bronzy-red flowers with lighter centers. Perfect for both novice and seasoned gardeners, the Hoya ilagiorum is a testament to nature's beauty.


  1. Blooms of Radiance: Marvel at the shiny, bronzy-red flowers that adorn the Hoya ilagiorum. These vibrant clusters, with up to 30 flowers per umbel, create a breathtaking spectacle. The reflexed petals and white corona contribute to a striking visual display.

  2. Sensory Elegance: Indulge your senses with the light, floral fragrance that emanates from the blossoms. The fragrance, combined with the abundance of nectar, adds a sensory dimension to your indoor space.

  3. Leaves of Grandeur: Admire the plant's outstanding waxy leaves, each measuring up to 7.5cm x 20cm, with pointed tips. The pronounced veining adds character, and the large, thick leaves contribute to the Hoya ilagiorum's overall allure.

  4. Prolific Growth: Experience the joy of gardening as the Hoya ilagiorum exhibits a prolific growth pattern. The plant's tendency to ramble makes it an ideal candidate for a stake or trellis, allowing you to shape its growth with a little encouragement.

  5. Low Maintenance Elegance: Enjoy the beauty of this remarkable plant with minimal effort. The Hoya ilagiorum requires low maintenance, with half-strength doses of fertilizer during the growing period. It thrives in well-draining open mix and prefers reduced watering in winter.

  6. Temperature Adaptability: A collector's item sometimes fondly referred to as the 'Tomato Soup' hoya. Experience the joy of significant color variations in blooms, ranging from deep red to light red to orange. This intermediate hoya is best suited to temperatures between 15-35°C.

Cultivating Tips:

  • Sun Exposure: Provide medium to bright indirect light for optimal growth and flowering.

  • Water Requirement: Ensure a well-draining open mix and reduce watering in the winter months.

  • Encourage Controlled Growth: As the Hoya ilagiorum likes to ramble, use a stake or trellis to guide its growth and maintain a tidy appearance.

This is a plant division in a 2.5” pot, about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

Elevate your indoor garden with the Hoya ilagiorum—a captivating botanical masterpiece that promises a continuous cycle of fragrant blooms throughout the year. Don't miss the chance to own this sensational plant that effortlessly combines ease of care with unparalleled beauty. Add the Hoya ilagiorum to your collection and witness the magic of nature unfolding in your own space!

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