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Hoya obtusifolioides var. green

Hoya obtusifolioides var. green

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Introducing the Hoya obtusifolioides var. green, a captivating small climbing perennial herbaceous hoya that adds an element of rare beauty to your indoor garden. This exquisite plant, native to S. Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, Java, and Borneo, boasts amazingly attractive green flowers that are sure to be a focal point in any space.

Named for the distinctive shape of its leaves with an obtuse apex, the Hoya obtusifolioides var. green is a robust climber that belongs to the genus Hoya—a group of predominantly epiphytic flowering plants native to Southeast Asia, with some species also found in Australia.

Cultivating this unique hoya is a rewarding experience, and we've compiled some essential tips to ensure its optimal growth and flourishing beauty. Keep your Hoya obtusifolioides var. green in bright shade, with a few hours of gentle direct sunlight to encourage faster growth and abundant blooms. The plant's flower stalks, known as peduncles, should not be pruned, as Hoyas have the remarkable ability to re-bloom from the same stalk repeatedly.

While it's not uncommon for Hoyas to experience bloom and leaf "abortions," don't fret—these resilient plants can easily bounce back with the right care. Ensure your hoya receives adequate light and is neither over nor under-watered. To prevent over-watering, check that the succulent leaves are slightly soft, and allow the growing medium to completely dry before the next watering.

Here's a quick guide for optimal care:

Light: Provide bright shade with some gentle direct sunlight. Water: Water when the growing medium is completely dry or when leaves lose turgidity. Humidity: Maintain average humidity levels for a thriving Hoya obtusifolioides var. green.

This is a plant division in a 2.5” pot, about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

Bring the allure of Southeast Asian flora into your home with the Hoya obtusifolioides var. green —a unique and enchanting addition to any plant enthusiast's collection. Elevate your indoor gardening experience and watch as this hoya graces your space with its rare green flowers and resilient charm.

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