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Jewel Orchid: Anoectochilus albolineatus

Jewel Orchid: Anoectochilus albolineatus

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Introducing the Anoectochilus albolineatus, a Jewel Orchid that transcends the ordinary with its captivating blend of coppery-pink veins on rich burgundy leaves. This exquisite species, perfectly suited for smaller terrariums, brings the lush landscapes of Myanmar, Thailand, and Malaysia into your living space. Thriving in shaded, humus-rich environments within seasonal evergreen and hill forests, this jewel orchid has seamlessly adapted to life on granite or sandstone bedrock at elevations ranging from 700 to 1850 meters.

The Anoectochilus albolineatus enchants with its dark green to brown leaves adorned by mesmerizing pink to whitish reticulation on top and an overall pinkish hue beneath. While it is prized primarily for its striking foliage, this botanical gem graces us with delicate blooms in the summer and fall. The charming flowers emerge on erect inflorescences, typically 5 inches (12.5 cm) long, featuring 3 to 13 blossoms, accompanied by lanceolate-oblong to ovate-lanceolate bracts with a single prominent vein and a gentle pubescence on the dorsal side.

Caring for these rare botanical treasures is a rewarding experience. Mimic their native forest habitat by providing filtered, indirect light, reminiscent of dappled sunlight. Keep the soil consistently moist, avoiding waterlogging, and maintain a warm to cool environment. Elevate humidity levels to mirror their native forest settings, and watch as the Anoectochilus albolineatus transforms your indoor garden into a sanctuary of natural beauty.

This is a small single growth, young plant potted in a 2" pot. These plants are young seedlings, propagated through tissue culture, these plants have been hardened off to ensure their resilience. Given the rarity and uncommon availability of this species, the price reflects its unique value, making it a prized addition to any orchid collection.

Elevate your space with a living masterpiece that adds an exquisite touch to your indoor garden – the Anoectochilus albolineatus, a true jewel among orchids.

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