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Jewel Orchid: Anoectochilus burmanicus

Jewel Orchid: Anoectochilus burmanicus

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Anoectochilus burmanicus is an orchid enthusiast's dream, boasting not only ease of growth but also some of the most captivating foliage in the jewel orchid family. To unlock the full potential of this botanical gem, we recommend cultivating it in New Zealand sphagnum moss. Allow the moss to approach dryness between waterings for optimal results.

Watch as bright yellow, spoon-shaped flowers gracefully emerge from the center of the rosette, resembling asparagus spears. As these spikes elongate over a couple of months, revealing their flower buds, the orchid blooms for a month or two. After flowering, a new growth emerges at the base, ensuring a continuous cycle of botanical beauty.

The velvety maroon leaves adorned with gold, jewel-like veining add an enchanting touch to any indoor space. Anoectochilus burmanicus stands out with round, dark green leaves marked by intense rose gold veining, resembling lightning's netting on the leaf surface.

Achieve success in cultivating this jewel orchid by providing consistent moisture throughout the year and opting for a well-balanced potting mix, such as sphagnum moss. Mimic its natural habitat by placing it in medium light, sheltered from direct sunlight—just as it thrives on the rainforest floor in the wild.

Pay attention to your orchid's needs. If it starts dropping leaves, it may signal under-watering. Resist the urge to increase watering immediately; instead, gradually adjust the watering routine over time. As a terrestrial orchid, Anoectochilus burmanicus is best suited for a shallow, wide pot.

  • Temperature: Intermediate-Warm
  • Light Level: Low
  • Bloom Season: Winter, Spring
  • Flower Color: Yellow
  • Fragrance: No

Elevate your indoor gardening experience with the Anoectochilus burmanicus—a botanical masterpiece that combines ease of care with breathtaking aesthetics. Bring the allure of the rainforest floor into your home or garden and watch as this jewel orchid becomes the centerpiece of your plant collection.

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