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Jewel Orchid: Ludochilus ‘Poly'

Jewel Orchid: Ludochilus ‘Poly'

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Introducing Ludochilus ‘Poly,’ a captivating Jewel Orchid that effortlessly crosses the exquisite qualities of hybrid cross between Anoectochilus formosanus × Ludisia Lighting (Ludisia discolor var. alba x Ludisia discolor). This small-sized hybrid is a testament to the botanical artistry achieved through the careful crossbreeding of Ludisia and Anoectochilus, resulting in a unique and resilient gem for your collection.

Ludochilus ‘Poly’ boasts stunning dark leaves adorned with iridescent glimmery veining, adding an enchanting touch to any plant enthusiast's space. As one of the more robust jewels in our collection, this hybrid owes its resilience to the exceptional genetic makeup inherited from Ludisia, making it a delightful addition to both novice and seasoned growers alike.

While Ludochilus ‘Poly’ does not emit a distinct aroma during its flowering phase, it compensates with a fascinating display. When in bloom, the leaves may experience a temporary decline, creating an opportunity for new growth to emerge from nodes and branch off, ensuring a continuous cycle of beauty in your orchid.

Cultivation Tips:

  • Size: Ludochilus ‘Poly’ is a compact orchid, making it perfect for those with limited space or anyone seeking a small yet striking addition to their plant collection.

  • Temperature: Thriving in intermediate to warm conditions, maintain a temperature range that keeps your Ludochilus ‘Poly’ comfortable and flourishing.

  • Watering: This Jewel Orchid prefers consistent moisture levels, ranging from 20% to 80%. Find the watering balance that suits your individual growing style while ensuring the medium remains consistently moist.

  • Humidity: Ludochilus ‘Poly’ thrives in humidity levels between 40% and 80%. Ensure a consistent and well-ventilated environment to prevent stagnation while providing the necessary moisture.

  • Light: Provide bright indirect light, particularly favoring east morning light. Mimic the orchid's native habitat to encourage optimal growth and development.

  • Growing Medium: Choose between sphagnum moss or a well-aerated potting mix, adapting to your preferred growing style. The key is to maintain a consistent moisture level that suits the orchid's needs.

Ludochilus ‘Poly’ is a testament to the beauty achievable through thoughtful hybridization, offering enthusiasts a delightful and resilient Jewel Orchid that will undoubtedly captivate attention in any botanical collection. Elevate your indoor garden with the allure of Ludochilus ‘Poly’ and witness the magic of its unique characteristics unfold.

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