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Jewel Orchid: Macodes sanderiana x limii

Jewel Orchid: Macodes sanderiana x limii

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Introducing the Exquisite Macodes sanderiana x Macodes limii Hybrid – A Jewel Orchid Marvel!

Description: Behold the mesmerizing allure of the Macodes sanderiana x Macodes limii, a captivating hybrid Jewel Orchid that effortlessly steals the spotlight with its stunning leaves. This unique orchid, renowned for its striking red-gold tones accentuating intricate veining patterns, is a true gem among its kind. Jewel Orchids, celebrated for their exquisite foliage rather than blooms, are native to the lush tropical forest soils of Southeast Asia, and this hybrid is no exception to their legacy of beauty.

Cultivation Tips: Jewel Orchids derive their name from the breathtaking patterns and hues adorning their dramatic foliage. Despite their petite size, these orchids are perfect for compact terrariums, thriving when enclosed in glass. While they can be challenging to cultivate in exposed conditions, the task becomes remarkably simpler within the shelter of glass.

To unlock their full potential, provide these jewels with warm temperatures and a humid atmosphere, ensuring consistent moisture without excessive misting. Optimal conditions include good drainage and aeration around the roots.


  • Shimmering leaves with veins resembling gold dust
  • Flowering at a small size, eventually growing to 4" or 5" across
  • Ideal for warm conditions with low light levels
  • Requires New Zealand sphagnum moss and periodic changes without harming the delicate roots
  • Temperature: Intermediate-Warm
  • Light Level: Low
  • Bloom Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Color(s): White, Brown
  • Fragrant: No

Our offerings of this jewel orchid are single-growth, young, and small, potted in a 2" container. Propagated through tissue culture and carefully hardened off, these plants are available in extremely limited quantities, reflecting their rarity and exceptional value. A testament to their uniqueness, we present these Jewel Orchids as rare and uncommonly available, making them a prized addition to any collection.

Transform your space with the ethereal beauty of the Macodes sanderiana x Macodes limii hybrid – Gold Dust, is a living masterpiece that invites you to experience the wonder of nature's artistry.

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