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La Foresta Orchids

Laelia aurea

Laelia aurea

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Laelia aurea, is rare species from Mexico though generally rare in cultivation, Laelia aurea is easy to grow and bloom in warm to intermediate conditions with abundant light.

Grow in bright indirect light with moderate humidity and strong air circulation. Plants tolerate direct sun during the morning and late afternoon/early evening hours, but pay attention to seasonal variation in the sun’s intensity. During the hotter months 50% sun, with 75% recommended otherwise. Plants are best grown mounted where roots can dry easily, e.g. on cork driftwood slabs, or wooden baskets. Water generously while plants are actively growing, but ensure the roots dry thoroughly between waterings. Water sparingly during dormancy.

This is a near blooming size in a 4" clay pot about 1 to 2 years to bloom, Grown from seed. Limited

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