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Laelia lucasiana

Laelia lucasiana

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Introducing Laelia lucasiana - The Petite Marvel of Brazilian Orchids!

Unearth the enchanting world of Laelia lucasiana, a true gem amongst miniature orchid species. Originating from the granite outcrops of Minas Gerais in Brazil, this rare orchid boasts compact stems adorned with stunning pink flowers, each kissed with a golden yellow lip. At a mere 3 to 4 inches in height when fully mature, Laelia lucasiana is a testament to nature's ability to craft beauty in the smallest packages.

Cultivating Tips:

  • Lighting: Thriving in bright light conditions, aim for 30,000-40,000 lux with 30-50% shade in summer. While they appreciate direct morning sun, avoid harsh afternoon light and deep shade.
  • Temperature: Embrace a cool to warm environment, maintaining temperatures between 16°C to 24°C, with winter temperatures around 12°C. Protect them from temperatures below 8°C.
  • Humidity: Provide good air movement and keep humidity moderate to high (50-70%) in summer, lowering it in the winter months.
  • Substrate and Repotting: Pot-grown, Laelia lucasiana prefers a mix that includes sandstone for improved root growth. Opt for the smallest pot possible, over-potting when necessary to avoid disturbing the roots.
  • Watering: Mimic their natural habitat by watering regularly during warmer months, preferably daily in hot weather. Plants on slabs should be watered daily in warm weather, while a dry period of 2-3 months can be observed.
  • Fertilization: Apply liquid fertilizers regularly during the growing season, with a preference for low nitrogen but high phosphorus fertilizers in late summer and autumn. Skip fertilization during winter.
  • Rest Period: Laelia lucasiana experiences a short 2-3 month dry period. Limit or abandon fertilization during this time, resuming stronger watering in spring to mimic their natural habitat.

Bloom Season: Witness the magic unfold during spring and summer as Laelia lucasiana graces your space with its delightful pink and yellow blooms, adding a touch of exotic elegance to your collection.

This is a blooming size division in a 4" clay pot, newly repotted, about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

Elevate your orchid cultivation experience with Laelia lucasiana, a captivating species that thrives with a delicate balance of care and admiration. Explore the wonders of Brazil's natural beauty in the palm of your hands with this remarkable miniature orchid.

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