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Cattleya Alliance - Laeliocatarthron Village Chief Parfum

Cattleya Alliance - Laeliocatarthron Village Chief Parfum

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Introducing the exquisite Laeliocatarthron Village Chief Parfum, a captivating hybrid orchid that combines the elegance of the Caulaelia Snowflake with the charm of the Cattleya Mildred Rives. With its compact-growing nature and breathtaking blooms, this orchid is sure to captivate any orchid enthusiast.

The Laeliocatarthron Village Chief Parfum showcases stunning white flowers adorned with a mesmerizing dark pink lip, creating a striking contrast that is simply irresistible. This remarkable orchid typically blooms in pairs or clusters of flowers, enhancing its visual impact and creating a truly breathtaking display.

You will receive a blooming size orchid, carefully nurtured in a 5" pot. It has been recently repotted and is now just about 1 year away from reaching its full flowering potential. The Laeliocatarthron Village Chief Parfum is a mericlone, ensuring consistency in its exceptional qualities.

Caring for this extraordinary orchid is a delight. Place it in an area with bright indirect light to allow it to thrive. Moderate humidity and good air circulation are also essential for its well-being. During active growth, water generously, but always ensure that the roots have dried between waterings to prevent any risk of rot. This orchid can be potted or mounted, depending on your preference. For potted plants, we recommend using an open, freely-draining bark mix that allows for easy drying.

Bring the allure of the Laeliocatarthron Village Chief Parfum into your home or orchid collection. Its graceful beauty and captivating fragrance will undoubtedly leave you enchanted. Don't miss the opportunity to cultivate this exceptional hybrid orchid and experience the joy of witnessing its stunning blooms firsthand.
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