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Lockhartia micrantha 'Blanco'

Lockhartia micrantha 'Blanco'

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Lockhartia micrantha 'Blanco'

This lovely orchid is native to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia and dwells in rain forests as a medium sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte at elevations of 10 to 1000 meters with a pendulous stem, completely enveloped by many distichous, imbricating, basally clasping, triangular, entirely conduplicate leaves and blooming on a unbranched, 1 to 2 flowered, 3/4" [2 cm] long inflorescence held close to the apex of the leaves with small flowers that do not open fully occuring in the winter and spring.

It is shade loving and blooms during winter and spring in its native environment. The flowers bloom on an unbranched inflorescence that is close to the apex of the leaves. The flowers are miniature and measure about 5 mm across!

This is a blooming size XL specimen mounted on a slab.

This is a warm-growing epiphyte with the attractive "braided" foliage is small in stature, compared to other Lockhartias. One or two small yellow flowers with some red in the center on short spikes from each leaf axil - the plant covered with many, resulting in very showy displays on dramatic specimen plants. This is actually more vigorous and with larger flowers!

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