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Masdevallia herradurae x Masdevallia scabrilinguis

Masdevallia herradurae x Masdevallia scabrilinguis

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Introducing the Enchanting Masdevallia Hybrid: A Blend of Surprises!

Do you love surprises? Well, a delightful surprise awaits with our Masdevallia herradurae x Masdevallia scabrilinguis hybrid? These stunning orchids promise an exquisite display of nature's beauty right in your own space.

Masdevallia herradurae, with its striking dark red flowers adorned by long pointed tails, creates a captivating cluster around the base of this compact, 4-inch narrow-leaved plant. This prolific bloomer quickly establishes itself as a specimen to behold. The mahogany-red flowers, known for their enchanting cinnamon oil fragrance, grace your surroundings in late summer. These delicate blooms are a testament to the charm of the Masdevallia species, and they thrive when provided with a careful touch.

On the other hand, Masdevallia scabrilinguis, aptly nicknamed "The Rough-Lipped Masdevallia," hails from the lush landscapes of Panama and western Costa Rica. This mini-miniature orchid boasts slender, erect ramicauls enveloped in thin, tubular sheaths. Its single, coriaceous leaf gradually narrows into a subpetiolate base, creating a remarkable plant with an intriguing presence.

In spring, the Rough-Lipped Masdevallia unfurls its tiny, white, tubular flowers, accentuated by yellowish sepaline tails. The petals reveal acute tips and a subtle unguiculate base, while the oblong lip, adorned with verrucose details, adds to its distinct allure.

To ensure these splendid orchids thrive in your care, here are some cultivation tips:

Light: Provide your Masdevallia hybrid with ample, indirect light, aiming for 17000 - 22000 lux. During summer, maintain 70-90% shade, gradually reducing it to 25% shade or even full sun in winter. This careful balance of light ensures optimal flowering and lush, pale green foliage.

Temperature: Maintain intermediate growing conditions between 13°C to 23°C. Avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures above 30°C, as this can weaken the plants and lead to leaf drop. Create a day/night temperature difference of 6-12°C to encourage flower formation.

Humidity: Keep the humidity high, around 75-80% during the summer months. Consider using a humidifier to maintain ideal moisture levels. To prevent leaf spot, maintain constant air circulation.

Substrate and Repotting: Choose a suitable growing medium, such as chopped sphagnum moss mixed with polystyrene chips or a mix of bark, perlite, and fibrous peat moss. Repot or divide your orchids every two years during autumn or spring. Deeper pots are recommended to accommodate their rapidly growing roots.

Watering: Masdevallia orchids dislike dry conditions. Keep the substrate consistently moist but not waterlogged. Allow the roots to slightly dry between waterings. Water in the morning to allow the leaves to dry by midday. Use rainwater or distilled water for best results.

Fertilization: These orchids remain active year-round, with slower growth in winter. Use a balanced, diluted fertilizer (1/4 strength) during every third or fourth watering. Be cautious not to overfeed, as they are sensitive to salt. Consider foliar feeding for an occasional boost.

This is a XL blooming size specimen in a 4" pot, about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited! This orchid is sensitive to shipping, and when the orchid arrives, it may lose some leaves as it adapts to your conditions. Please follow the growing recommendations provided here to help it adapt quickly.

With the right care and attention, your Masdevallia hybrid will continue to surprise you with its captivating beauty and alluring fragrance, making it a cherished addition to your orchid collection. Cultivate the magic of these remarkable orchids and witness the wonder they bring to your space.

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