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Catasetinae Alliance: Mormodes rosea

Catasetinae Alliance: Mormodes rosea

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Introducing the Pink Mormodes (Mormodes rosea), an intriguing and captivating orchid that is sure to captivate any plant enthusiast. Aptly named for its striking pink flowers, this unique species hails from the Amazonas, Para', and Matto Grosso states of Brazil.

The Pink Mormodes is a small to medium-sized epiphyte, thriving in hot to warm environments. Its oblong-fusiform pseudobulbs add an intriguing touch to its appearance, and they carry several plicate, deciduous leaves. This orchid blooms twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall, adding bursts of color to any setting.

Mormodes rosea belongs to the genus Mormodes, renowned for its enigmatic and twisted flowers. In fact, this genus is the only member of the Orchidaceae family that does not display bilateral symmetry. Its name, derived from the Greek word for phantom or frightful object, was given by John Lindley to capture the unique and captivating nature of this orchid.

What sets Mormodes apart from other orchids is its range of sexual forms. While most species are hermaphroditic or "perfect," some exhibit extreme female, extreme male, or intermediate hermaphroditic forms. Additionally, the inflorescence orientation varies among the approximately 70 species within the genus.

Taxonomically, Mormodes is divided into two sections based on the pseudobulb's developmental stage during blooming. Some species bloom with developing pseudobulbs, while others showcase their flowers on mature pseudobulbs. Inflorescences emerge from the middle or lower middle nodes of the pseudobulbs.

When identifying Mormodes species, attention is primarily given to the shape of the lip. Flattening the lip reveals subtle yet distinguishing characteristics, allowing enthusiasts to differentiate between the various forms. For instance, Mormodes warscewiczii represents the group with a three-lobed lip, showcasing the genus's diversity.

This is a blooming size in a 4" pot, about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

The Pink Mormodes is a testament to the extraordinary beauty and diversity found in the orchid world. Its twisted, pink flowers are bound to draw attention and spark conversation. Whether you're an orchid collector or simply appreciate nature's remarkable creations, the Pink Mormodes is an exceptional addition to any botanical collection.

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