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Insecticide - Neem Oil Cold Pressed

Insecticide - Neem Oil Cold Pressed

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Neem Oil Cold Pressed Water Soluble Concentrate

  • Makes Up to 12 Gallons - The 8oz bottle makes 12 gallons of ready to spray neem oil when mixed according to directions
  • Ready to Mix - Simply mix with water and spray. No surfactants or additional ingredients are required
  • Cold Pressed - Retains the integrity and original composition of neem oil in its purest form
  • 80% Neem Oil - Uses 80% neem oil and 20% surfactant blend to allow the neem to mix with water
  • Garden Healthy - Use on a variety of plant leaves and stems as well as in garden soil for soil health

8 oz bottle, makes 12 Gallons, use as a preventive measure every month, enough for a whole year!

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