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Neofinetia falcata x Rhynchostylis retusa

Neofinetia falcata x Rhynchostylis retusa

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Vandachostylis Dainty is a hybrid between Neofinetia falcata x Rhynchostylis retusa, this is a medium sized vanda that produces large bunches of white to pale pink flowers with pink accents.

Both the plant and the flowers live up to their given name, “Dainty.”
The leaves are rather narrow but long, and the inflorescence seems to be almost too floriferous for the spike to keep upright. It tends to curve gracefully down like a lady taking a bow or dropping a curtsey. Very elegant!

If you like a nice jasmine like fragrance this is your type of plant!

Soft pink flowers on arching inflorescence with many individual flowers. Flowering time is from winter to summer and will flower out of season as well when they get bigger. Can be grown in basket or pots and mounted miniature Vanda

Highly recommended. Easy grower for window sills. Grown from Seed! 

This is a blooming size in a 3"pot 

The hybrid was created as pollen from Rhynchostylis retusa is used to pollinate Neofinetia falcata flower. The idea of ​​the hybridizer is to preserve the aroma and ease of care of Neofinetia by introducing the multiflower blooms of Rhynchostylis retusa and to create a plant with care requirements similar to those in apartment conditions and close to phalaenopsis care. 

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