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Oncidium Alliance - Bllra. Big Shot 'Hilo Sparkle'

Oncidium Alliance - Bllra. Big Shot 'Hilo Sparkle'

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Introducing the Bllra. Big Shot 'Hilo Sparkle' Orchid - a mesmerizing hybrid cross between Alcra. Tahoma Glacier and Mps. Maui Titan. With its enchanting blooms and easy-care nature, this orchid is sure to captivate any orchid lover's heart.

The 'Hilo Sparkle' orchid boasts an impressive display of large, star-shaped white flowers, each adorned with sparkling purple splotches at the center. As each new growth emerges, it produces 1-2 inflorescences, showcasing several breathtaking flowers. With maturity, these plants bloom twice a year or even more, becoming majestic specimens that will grace your space. The added bonus is the mild fragrance that emanates from the blooms, creating a delightful ambiance.

This 'Hilo Sparkle' orchid is a mericlone, meaning it consistently produces an abundance of flowers. The blooms themselves are over 4 inches in width, making a bold statement. The true beauty of this hybrid reveals itself in person, as the vibrant colors are even more stunning than any picture can convey. When in-spike, these plants reach an impressive height of approximately 22 inches, adding grandeur to your orchid collection.

Caring for the 'Hilo Sparkle' orchid is similar to other intergeneric Oncidiums. Provide bright, diffused light without exposing the plant to direct sunlight. This orchid can be grown mounted on a suitable surface, placed in baskets, or potted using a well-draining bark mix or sphagnum moss. Whichever option you choose, water the plant when the media is approaching dryness, ensuring not to let it completely dry out between waterings.

This is a blooming size in a 4" pot, about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, Limited!

Don't miss out on the chance to own this extraordinary orchid. The Bllra. Big Shot 'Hilo Sparkle' is a show-stopping beauty that will add elegance and charm to any orchid collection or living space. Its mesmerizing blooms and easy-care requirements make it an ideal choice for both seasoned orchid enthusiasts and beginners alike.

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