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Oncidium Alliance - Bllra. Snowblind 'Sweet Spots'

Oncidium Alliance - Bllra. Snowblind 'Sweet Spots'

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Introducing Alcra. Snowblind 'Sweet Spots' - an exquisite orchid hybrid that combines the stunning features of Onc. Black Diamond and Alcra. Tropic Splendor. With its crisp white flowers adorned with a splattering of maroon spots, this beauty is sure to captivate any orchid enthusiast. What sets this hybrid apart is its long-lasting blooms, which can grace your space for up to a month, filling the air with a delicate fragrance.

Each flowering spray of Alcra. Snowblind 'Sweet Spots' showcases oblong, star-shaped blossoms with beautifully spiraling petals and sepals. The creamy white flowers, spotted with dark reddish brown dots, create a mesmerizing visual display that is both elegant and unique. This mericlone of 'Sweet Spots' is particularly exciting, as it produces large, star-shaped white flowers adorned with purple spots.

Standing tall at an impressive height of over 32 inches when in spike, this orchid clone is a commanding presence in any collection. The ovoid pseudobulbs of Alcra. Snowblind 'Sweet Spots' are robust and vigorous, contributing to the plant's overall health and vitality.

When it comes to caring for your Alcra. Snowblind 'Sweet Spots,' it's best to follow the guidelines for intergeneric Oncidiums. Provide bright, diffused light without exposing the plant to direct sun. This orchid thrives when grown mounted, established in baskets, or potted in a well-draining bark mix or sphagnum. Regardless of the growing method chosen, it's important to water the plant just as the media is approaching dryness. This ensures proper hydration without causing waterlogged conditions that can harm the roots.

This is a blooming size in a 4" pot, about 1 year to bloom, not in bloom or bud as of today, Limited!

Bring the allure of Alcra. Snowblind 'Sweet Spots' into your home or garden and experience the joy of cultivating this remarkable orchid hybrid. With its striking appearance and relatively straightforward care requirements, it's an ideal addition to any orchid lover's collection.

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