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Fertilizer Osmocote Baskets

Fertilizer Osmocote Baskets

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Suitable for pot plants, home plants, balcony plants, hanging baskets, outdoor gardens Ideal tool for people who like to grow plants at home. Protect your plant fertilizer from being eaten by birds, other small animals, wind, or other disturbance. Save your fertilizer.

Just put the osmocote fertilizer directly into the orchid media while transplanting your orchid or put the osmocote basket at the edge of the pot in the front of the orchid (where new growths will be developed), then with every watering the fertilizer will dissolve the nutrients into the plants; with so any holes in the bottom and side of these baskets, the fertilizer will permeate into the media gradually, which won't burn the plants roots easily.

Set of 10 pcs Fertilizer Baskets

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