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Peristeria elata

Peristeria elata

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Introducing Peristeria elata: The Enigmatic Beauty

Peristeria elata, a mesmerizing orchid native to the lush landscapes of Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panamá, and Venezuela. Also known as the Dove orchid, this stunning species boasts a unique charm that elevates any orchid collection.

Cultivating Peristeria elata requires attention to detail and adherence to its natural habitat conditions. Here are some essential tips to ensure its optimal growth and flourishing beauty:

Light Requirements: Mimicking its natural habitat, Peristeria elata thrives in bright yet filtered light conditions, with optimal lux levels ranging between 25000 to 35000. Avoid direct midday sun exposure, but ensure consistent airflow to emulate the gentle breezes of its mountain forest home.

Temperature Management: Maintain a diurnal temperature range of 15-20 °F (9-11°C) between day and night. During the day, aim for average temperatures of 77-82 °F (25-28 °C), while nights should range from 60-64 °F (15-18 °C). Stimulate spike initiation by providing a temperature differential, such as evening leaf sprinkling for evaporative cooling during the summer months.

Humidity Balance: Peristeria elata thrives in high humidity environments, preferring levels of 80-85% during the growing season and a slight decrease to around 70% during the drier winter months. Adequate air circulation is crucial to prevent fungal issues and ensure optimal growth and blooming.

Substrate Selection: Opt for a fast-draining, coarse substrate to mimic the natural conditions of Peristeria elata's habitat. Coarse-grade fir bark or a blend of cork nuggets with charcoal chunks are excellent choices. Ensure pots or baskets allow for rapid root drying to prevent waterlogging and root rot.

Watering Practices: During active growth periods, water Peristeria elata frequently, ensuring the roots never remain saturated. Monitor pseudobulb plumpness to gauge watering needs, adjusting frequency to prevent dehydration or overwatering issues.

Fertilization Regimen: Feed Peristeria elata with a balanced fertilizer diluted to 1/4-1/2 strength weekly during active growth phases. Opt for high-nitrogen formulations in spring to midsummer, transitioning to phosphorous-rich fertilizers in late summer and autumn. Regularly rinse containers to prevent mineral buildup, especially in areas with highly mineralized water sources.

Rest Period: Honor Peristeria elata's natural cycle by providing a winter rest period. Reduce watering frequency while ensuring roots remain hydrated. Mimic increased light conditions during the dry season by adjusting lighting levels to promote new growth and flowering.

This is near blooming size bare root orchid division, in a 3" pot, newly repotted, about 2 to 3 years to bloom, grown from seed, very limited! It might be shipped bare rooted.

Embrace the allure of Peristeria elata in your orchid collection, and experience the joy of cultivating this exquisite species to its full potential. With proper care and attention to detail, you'll be rewarded with spectacular blooms and enduring beauty year after year.

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