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Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi var vini 'Wan-Kou'

Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi var vini 'Wan-Kou'

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Introducing the stunning and exotic Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi var vini 'Wan-Kou' meristem, a must-have for any orchid enthusiast or anyone looking to add a touch of natural elegance to their home or office space.

Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi var. vini 'Wan-Kou' is a hybrid cultivar of orchid that belongs to the Phalaenopsis genus, which is native to Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

'Wan-Kou' is a popular cultivar known for its striking red flowers. It is a smaller variety of Phalaenopsis, with a stem that can reach up to 15 cm in length, and the flowers can grow up to 6 cm in diameter. The flowers have a curved, horn-like structure at the base of the lip, which gives the species its name.

The Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi var vini 'Wan-Kou' meristem is a meristem culture, this ensures that it is a healthy and vigorous plant that is ready to thrive in your care. With the right conditions and care, this beautiful orchid can bloom for several weeks, bringing joy and beauty to any space.

To cultivate this exquisite orchid, it is important to provide it with the right conditions. This includes placing it in a bright spot with indirect sunlight, such as near a north-facing window. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight as this can damage the delicate foliage and blooms. It is also important to keep the plant in a warm and humid environment, as this is what it would naturally experience in its native habitat. You can achieve this by placing the orchid in a humidity tray or using a humidifier to maintain a humidity level of around 60%.

When it comes to watering, the Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi var vini 'Wan-Kou' meristem prefers to be kept slightly moist but not overly wet. Watering once a week is typically sufficient, but this may vary depending on the conditions in your home or office. It is important to use room-temperature water and avoid getting water on the foliage or blooms, as this can lead to rot or disease.

In terms of fertilizer, this orchid should be fed with a balanced orchid fertilizer every 2-3 weeks during the growing season. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and avoid over-fertilizing, as this can cause damage to the plant.

This is a blooming size in a 4" pot about 1 to 2 years to blooms. Grown from Seed! Limited!

Overall, the Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi var vini 'Wan-Kou' meristem is a rare and exquisite orchid that is sure to impress. With the right care and conditions, it can thrive and bloom for years to come, bringing natural beauty and elegance to any space. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add this unique and captivating plant to your collection today!

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