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Oncidium Alliance - Psychopsis Mariposa 'Green Valley'

Oncidium Alliance - Psychopsis Mariposa 'Green Valley'

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Introducing the stunning Psychopsis Mariposa 'Green Valley', a captivating hybrid between Psychopsis papilio and Psychopsis Kalihi. Known for its unique characteristics and nonstop blooming capabilities, this orchid is sure to be a delightful addition to your collection.

One of the most remarkable features of the Psychopsis Mariposa 'Green Valley'  is its ability to bloom continuously for an impressive 5-15 years on the same flower stem. While each stem produces a single flower, as the plant grows larger, it develops multiple stems, resulting in a profusion of blooms. Even if you accidentally break a flower spike, it's important not to cut it off as it can branch below the break and continue to produce flowers.

The flowers of the Psychopsis Mariposa 'Green Valley' have a lifespan of approximately three weeks before gracefully falling off. But fear not, within another three weeks or so, a new bud will open, starting the blooming cycle all over again. This remarkable orchid truly knows how to put on a show throughout the year, making it a perfect choice for enthusiasts seeking continuous blooms.

Cultivating the Psychopsis Mariposa 'Green Valley' is a breeze. These orchids thrive when slightly crowded, so there's no need to repot them frequently. Optimal watering is essential for their well-being. During the spring to fall seasons, make sure to water regularly to keep the medium moist. However, in the winter months, it's advisable to reduce watering and allow the pot to dry out between waterings.

When it comes to the environmental conditions, the Psychopsis Mariposa 'Green Valley' prefers an intermediate to warm temperature range of 55º–85ºF (13º–29ºC). It thrives in medium light levels, so placing it in a spot with sufficient but not overly intense light is ideal. Additionally, ensure there is strong air circulation around the plant to mimic its natural habitat.

To further enhance the growth and vitality of your Psychopsis Mariposa 'Green Valley', regular fertilization is recommended. During the spring to fall seasons, add half-strength fertilizer to your watering routine, ensuring your orchid receives the necessary nutrients for robust growth.

This is blooming size in a 4" pot, about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited! 

This beautiful Psychopsis Mariposa 'Green Valley', is perfect for both seasoned orchid enthusiasts and beginners alike. With its exceptional ability to bloom continuously, striking appearance, and easy cultivation, this orchid will undoubtedly bring joy and intrigue to any space it graces. 

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