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Cattleya Alliance - Rlc. Sharon Forsythe 'Orange Red'

Cattleya Alliance - Rlc. Sharon Forsythe 'Orange Red'

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Rlc. Sharon Forsythe 'Orange Red' is a hybrid between Rlc. Joy Sokabe x Rlc. Tadao Kozumi

This standard-sized mericlone cattleya will produce fragrant large brilliantly colored orange -red flower with a bright deep red/purple ruffled lip with beautiful yellow/gold veins running through the throat giving this flower a striking appearance that has its place in anyone's collection!

Such a classic art-shade beauty, an original created by Mr. Moriyasu Akatsuka, these are the very last of this variety to be made available to the public, no longer in production from Hawaii, these plants are a great addition to any orchid collection.

This orchid is close to near blooming size, in a 4” pot, newly repotted about 2 years from blooming size, and will produce 4-5” blooms as shown in the product photo. Cattleyas are often annual bloomers. This variety tends to be a various season bloomer.

This plant is NOT currently in bud or flowering now. 

General orchid care for Cattleyas include a temperature range of 75-85F during the day and 60F at night. 40-60% humidity is recommended. Bright, shaded light south-east or south-west exposure. Check the media and water only when dry (about 1-2 times/week). We recommend fertilizing with a high phosphorus & potassium slow release blend to develop big blooms. As with all orchids, good air movement is essential. Repot these mature size orchids every 2 years.

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