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Schoenorchis scolopendria

Schoenorchis scolopendria

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Introducing Schoenorchis scolopendria, the enchanting micro-miniature orchid hailing from the lush forests of Vietnam. With its whimsical centipede-like foliage and delicate pink-colored lip, this tiny wonder is sure to captivate orchid enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

In its natural habitat, Schoenorchis scolopendria thrives nestled within bark crevices on trees, where it adds a touch of charm to the verdant canopy. Found primarily in Vietnam's primary broad-leaved evergreen forests, this diminutive orchid thrives at elevations ranging from 300 to 1100 meters.

Despite its petite stature, Schoenorchis scolopendria boasts robust, succulent leaves ranging from green to purple-violet, adorned with a finely alveolate-cancellate surface. Its slender stems, usually unbranched, hug the bark tightly, enveloped by imbricating leaf sheaths.

Come late spring to early summer, Schoenorchis scolopendria bursts into bloom, adorning its surroundings with tiny flowers reminiscent of Schoenorchis fragrans. Its inflorescence, measuring a mere 2 to 4 mm long, bears 1 to 6 delicate blossoms, each accompanied by short, ovate to triangular bracts.

To cultivate this botanical treasure, provide bright, indirect light and maintain humid conditions. Watering three to four times weekly is recommended, ensuring the plant's well-being without risking waterlogging. With its thick, leathery leaves and preference for warm to cool temperatures, Schoenorchis scolopendria is a resilient and rewarding addition to any orchid collection.

This is a blooming size mounted in a 2" x 3" plastic slab; about 1 to 2 years to bloom; Grown from seed; Limited!

Experience the allure of Schoenorchis scolopendria, a miniature marvel that brings the magic of Vietnam's forests into your home or garden.

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