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Stanhopea reichenbachiana 'Eve' x Stanhopea tigrina 'Glory of Mexico'

Stanhopea reichenbachiana 'Eve' x Stanhopea tigrina 'Glory of Mexico'

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Introducing the enchanting primary hybrid cross between Stanhopea reichenbachiana 'Eve' x Stanhopea tigrina 'Glory of Mexico' โ€“ a masterpiece of nature that brings together the delicate charm of 'Eve' with the vibrant allure of 'Glory of Mexico'. This cool to warm growing orchid species, native to the lush forests of Mexico, is a testament to the beauty and diversity of nature.

Cultivating this extraordinary orchid is a delightful journey. Provide it with a habitat reminiscent of its native environment โ€“ a basket or a pot with large holes, allowing its bucket-like blooms to emerge gracefully from the bottom and sides of the plant. Keep the humidity high and the temperature moderate to replicate its natural habitat.

The blooming season, from May to October, reaches its peak in July, offering a spectacular display of pendant inflorescence measuring up to 6โ€ long. Each inflorescence bears 3 to 10 exquisite flowers, adorned with mesmerizing white and red mottled patterns. These magnificent blooms, spanning up to 8โ€ across, exude a delightful fragrance reminiscent of chocolate and vanilla, enchanting the senses with every breath.

Standing at an average height of 14-16 inches, with leaves reaching up to 22 inches tall, this orchid is a graceful addition to any collection. The bloom size varies, reflecting the unique characteristics inherited from its parent species โ€“ Stanhopea reichenbachiana averaging 4 inches and Stanhopea tigrina averaging 8 inches. The bloom colors are as diverse as they are captivating, ranging from white, pink, and mottled yellow to brown hues, often adorned with intricate spotting.

Though the blooming period is short-lived, typically lasting 3-5 days, the beauty and fragrance of Stanhopea reichenbachiana 'Eve' x tigrina 'Glory' are enduring. As each flower unfurls its petals and releases its captivating scent, it creates a magical ambiance that elevates any space.

Please be aware that the outcome of this hybrid cross may vary, as the exact flower colors cannot be predetermined. As a result of the genetic diversity inherited from each parent, the colors and patterns of the blooms may differ from plant to plant. Embrace the element of surprise and celebrate the unique beauty that each individual orchid unveils, adding to the intrigue and fascination of cultivating this extraordinary hybrid.

This is a blooming size in a 4" pot about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

Whether you're a seasoned orchid enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of orchid cultivation, Stanhopea reichenbachiana 'Eve' x tigrina 'Glory' is sure to captivate your heart and inspire awe with its unparalleled beauty and grace. Embrace the wonder of nature's masterpiece and let this exquisite orchid adorn your home with its enchanting presence.

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