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Lycaste puntarenasensis var. boquete

Lycaste puntarenasensis var. boquete

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Sudamerlycaste puntarenasensis is found in Costa Rica and Panama at elevations around 1000 meters as a warm to cool growing epiphyte that blooms in the fall and is the only L macrophyllum group orchid that is wholly deciduous in the dry season which runs from December through April.

Sudamerlycaste is a genus of flowering plants in the family Orchidaceae. It consists of approximately 45 species. The genus was split off from Lycaste in 2002 by Fredy Archila.

Species in Lycaste that were endemic to South America and the Caribbean Islands were placed into the new genus Sudamerlycaste and those found in Mexico and Central America stayed in Lycaste. As a result of this change most of the species previously found in the Lycaste section Fimbriatae were then moved to the genus Sudamerlycaste. Species are either epiphytes or terrestrial. 

This is a blooming size division in a 5"pot, newly repotted, developing new growths.

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