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Fertilizer Additives - Superthrive Organic All-Purpose Plant Food

Fertilizer Additives - Superthrive Organic All-Purpose Plant Food

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SUPERthrive Organic All-Purpose Plant Food 4-4-4, Solid Granular

SUPERthrive is a kelp enhanced, natural vitamin solution that helps promote plant health from the seedling stage all the way to maturity. Trusted by professional farmers & growers since 1940.

SUPERthrive encourages the natural building blocks that plants normally make themselves under optimum conditions, so it gives plants a better chance of achieving their full growth potential. Transplanting trees and plants can result in stress, which can negatively affect health through loss of leaves, damaged roots, and loss of your plant or tree. Using SUPERthrive before planting can prevent and treat shock and insure survival.

SUPERthrive helps to promote plant health and build plant vigor. You can use it with: seedlings & cuttings, outdoor flowers & vegetable plants, indoor houseplants, and bonsai.

Directions for Use and Application: Superthrive can simply be sprinkle "a pinch" over the growing media every month or add in conjunction with the osmocote in the basket every 8 to 9 months prior the growing season.

​Repacked for your convenience in 8oz or 1/2lbs resealable bags.​ You'll really need a small amount, the product on hand expire on 12/2024.
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