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Oncidium Alliance - Tolumnia bahamensis

Oncidium Alliance - Tolumnia bahamensis

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Experience the beauty of this extraordinary species native to the Bahamas and South Florida. Our Tolumnia Orchid features elegant tall spikes adorned with stunning cream and yellow colored flowers. Its unique structure showcases cylindrical leaves arranged in a fan-like pattern, gracefully climbing as new growth emerges. These magnificent spikes bloom for several weeks, making it a captivating addition to any orchid collection.


Provide your Tolumnia Orchid with bright light to ensure optimal growth. Adequate air movement is essential, especially when exposed to brighter light. A light intensity of 2000-3000 foot candles is generally recommended. In intense lighting conditions, some blushing or freckles may appear on the foliage, which is normal. However, if the foliage turns a deep red-purple, it is advisable to move the plant into an area with less light.


Tolumnias are true epiphytes and require a fast-draining growing medium to prevent root rot. While there is no single best mix, we have found two successful approaches. The first option involves a mixture of sphagnum moss, tree fern, and charcoal. This combination maintains an open texture while retaining some moisture. Although this mix can hold water for extended periods, it is crucial not to let the roots sit in constant moisture. Wait until the media dries completely, and then thoroughly drench it. Alternatively, you can use a loose blend of tree fern chunks and charcoal. This media will require more frequent watering but reduces the risk of stale media caused by overwatering. Additionally, Tolumnias can also be grown mounted on cork pieces, tree fern slabs, or other substrates.


To ensure the health of your Tolumnia Orchid, allow the roots to dry before watering again. The frequency of watering depends on your specific conditions, ranging from every 2-3 days to once a week. During the first week after acquiring a new plant, monitor its watering needs closely to establish a suitable schedule. Generally, we recommend fertilizing every third or fourth watering with a balanced orchid food. If you water more frequently, you can increase the frequency of fertilization accordingly. In the warm growing months, fertilizing can be applied as often as once per week. Increasing humidity levels around your plant will reduce the need for frequent watering and extend the lifespan of the blooms.

This is a blooming size, wood mounted, about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

Indulge in the allure of this slow-growing Tolumnia Orchid, a remarkable species that takes a decade or more to reach the size of our largest specimens. With its exquisite flowers and intriguing foliage structure, this rare orchid is a true marvel of nature. Create an enchanting display in your home or garden and witness the beauty and grace of the Bahamas & South Florida Tolumnia Orchid firsthand.

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