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Oncidium Alliance - Trichocentrum lanceanum

Oncidium Alliance - Trichocentrum lanceanum

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Introducing Trichocentrum lanceanum: A Tropical Orchid Native to North South America

Origin and Natural Habitat: Trichocentrum lanceanum, a captivating orchid species, hails from the lush landscapes of northern South America, specifically in countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad, and the Caribbean. These vibrant plants thrive in the low-lying regions of hot and humid tropical forests. In Venezuela, they can be found in states such as Bolivar, Monagas, Sucre, and the Federal Territory of the Delta Amacuro. Their natural habitat extends into the Amazon Basin in Brazil and Peru, flourishing at altitudes ranging from 200 meters near Iquitos to 550 meters near Tarapoto.

Distinct Characteristics: Trichocentrum lanceanum is a medium-sized plant, reaching heights of up to 51 centimeters. It typically lacks or has minute pseudobulbs, and its single apical leaves are coriaceous, oblong-lanceolate, and beautifully adorned with green spots and shades of purple. These impressive leaves can grow up to 51 centimeters in length and 12.5 centimeters in width.

Exquisite Blooms: This orchid species graces us with its fragrant and long-lasting flowers during the summer and fall. The blooms are a visual delight, showcasing a wide range of colors. They appear on a robust, basal panicle that can stretch up to 45 centimeters in length and bear 10 to 12 flowers. The petals and sepals are typically yellow or yellowish-green, adorned with chocolate or purple-brown spots, while the lip is often a deep crimson, pink-purple, or purplish-purple, occasionally varying to off-white. These stunning flowers remain vibrant for 4-5 weeks, exuding a delightful spicy fragrance even after they dry.

Cultivation Tips: For successful cultivation of Trichocentrum lanceanum, follow these guidelines:

Light: Provide your orchid with a light level of 20,000-35,000 lux. Ensure high humidity and adequate air circulation for optimal growth. Avoid excessive light, as indicated by red leaves, as it can diminish flower quality.

Temperature: Maintain a thermophilic environment with consistent conditions throughout the year. Daytime temperatures should average 30-33°C, while nighttime temperatures should be around 20-22°C, resulting in a daily temperature fluctuation of 8-12°C.

Humidity: These orchids thrive in humidity levels between 75-85% year-round.

Substrate and Repotting: Trichocentrum lanceanum can be grown on tree fern or cork pieces with high humidity and regular watering. Alternatively, use a well-drained substrate like fir tree bark, woody ferns, or Osmund ferns mixed with peat moss. Repot when new roots emerge to minimize stress on the plant.

Watering: During active growth periods, water generously while ensuring excellent drainage to prevent soggy conditions. Watering frequency may be reduced when flower spikes appear to avoid damage.

Fertilization: Fertilize weekly with 1/4-1/2 of the recommended orchid fertilizer dose during active growth. You can use a 10-10-10 NPK fertilizer year-round, switching to high-phosphorus fertilizer in late summer and autumn.

Rest Period: In winter, reduce watering and fertilizer, especially in regions with shorter, darker days. Keep the plant hydrated with occasional morning misting and infrequent, minimal watering. A 4-week dry rest period is recommended after flowering to maintain plant health.

This is a blooming size in a 4" pot about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

With these care tips, you can enjoy the splendor of Trichocentrum lanceanum in your own orchid collection, creating a tropical oasis in your home.

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