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Vanda Alliance: Jumellea arachnantha

Vanda Alliance: Jumellea arachnantha

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Jumellea arachnantha is an exquisite medium-sized epiphytic orchid native to the forests of Grande Comoro Island in the Comoros. Found at elevations of 1200 to 1800 meters, this orchid thrives in warm to cool conditions. It features a short or nonexistent stem with acutely folded, erect to spreading, linear to oblong-ligulate leaves that are bilobed at the apex and held in a fan shape.

In late spring, Jumellea arachnantha produces several 20 cm long, axillary, erect inflorescences, each bearing a single pure white, pleasantly fragrant flower that lasts about a month. The inflorescence also includes 3 to 4 cucullate, basal sheaths.

Cultivating Tips:


Intensity: 10,000-20,000 lux
Type: Relatively low and filtered or diffused light
Care: Avoid exposure to 50% sunlight to prevent leaf burn. Ensure strong air movement at all times.

Summer: Daytime 23-24°C, Nighttime 17°C, with a diurnal range of 6-7°C.

Optimal Level: 80-85% most of the year, dropping to 75% in late winter.

Repotting: Best done when new root growth begins, before the medium breaks down, to minimize stress. Characteristics: Open and fast-draining mix to ensure good aeration.
Alternative: Can be mounted on bark or a log with a pad of sphagnum around the roots. 
High humidity and daily misting are essential, especially during hot, dry weather.


Pattern: Water frequently while the plant is actively growing, ensuring excellent drainage.
Seasonal Variation: Increase watering during the rainy season (late spring to autumn) and reduce during the dry season (4-5 months until spring).

Strength: 1/4–1/2 of the recommended strength, applied weekly during active growth.
Type: Balanced fertilizer year-round or high-nitrogen fertilizer from spring to midsummer, switching to high-phosphates in late summer and autumn.
Rest Period:

Winter: Daytime 19-20°C, Nighttime 14-16°C, with a diurnal range of 5-6°C.
Watering: Reduce watering, allowing the plant to become somewhat dry between waterings, but never completely dry.
Fertilizer: Reduce or eliminate until new growth starts in spring, then resume heavier watering and fertilizing.

By adhering to these cultivation tips, you can ensure your Jumellea arachnantha thrives, showcasing its beautiful and fragrant blooms annually.

This is a blooming size in a 4" pot about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!
Embrace the allure of the Jumellea arachnantha and create a stunning display in your home. Elevate your orchid collection with this rare gem that combines elegance, fragrance, and a touch of Madagascar's enchanting flora.
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