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La Foresta Orchids

Vanda lilacina

Vanda lilacina

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Vanda lilacina, this is a very compact vanda species that bloom on very small plants.

Plants bloom from winter to spring with twenty 2.5 cm wide flowers. Plants are found growing in Thailand and Laos at elevations of 100 to 1000 meters. Plants are best grown hanged in baskets and on mounted and require bright to full sunlight and warm temperatures.

If mounted the roots must be watered frequently. Plants should be grown in media that is well drained such as tree fern fibers or coconut husk (for small plants), several pieces of coarse fir bark, or sphagnum moss.

SEASON: Can bloom anytime of year
TEMPS: Hot- Intermediate
WATERING: Watered frequently but well drained with a distinct dry-down and high humidity
LIGHT: Bright- very bright filtered light

This is a blooming size vanda in a 3.3" pot newly repotted.

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