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Vanda - Papilionanda Mimi Palmer

Vanda - Papilionanda Mimi Palmer

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Introducing Papilionanda Mimi Palmer, a captivating orchid hybrid resulting from the perfect union of Vanda Tan Chay Yan and Vanda tessellata, this exceptional orchid variety boasts not only stunning visuals but also a delightful sweet fragrance that will leave anyone mesmerized during the day.

The flowers of Vanda Mimi Palmer exude an irresistible perfume, making it a standout among other orchids. Its aromatic allure is most potent during the open-flower stage, offering you a sensory experience like no other. Nature has truly bestowed its blessings on this extraordinary orchid.

  1. Sunlight:

    • Provide bright filtered light for healthy growth and vibrant blooms.
    • Shield from intense midday rays to prevent leaf burn.
  2. Water:

    • Water 3-4 times a week, thoroughly saturating the root system each time.
    • Misting the aerial roots occasionally helps mimic its natural habitat.
  3. Air Circulation:

    • Ensure proper air circulation to prevent stagnant air, reducing the risk of fungal diseases.
  4. Temperature and Humidity:

    • Maintain a warm and humid environment, ideally between 20 to 30°C (68 to 86°F) during the day and slightly cooler at night.
  5. Potting and Mounting:

    • Vanda Mimi Palmer is an epiphytic orchid, so consider mounting it on a sturdy surface or using a well-draining orchid potting mix.
  6. Fertilization:

    • Provide balanced orchid fertilizer, diluted to half-strength, every two to three weeks during the growing season.
    • Reduce or cease fertilization during the resting period to avoid overfeeding.
  7. Repotting:

    • Repot sparingly, typically every two to three years or when the potting medium breaks down, as Vanda orchids prefer to be root-bound.

This is a blooming size plant mounted in a basket, about 12" to 18" tall. aprox. 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

With these care tips, enthusiasts can look forward to the rewarding experience of breathtaking, fragrant blooms from Vanda Mimi Palmer. Whether adding it to an orchid collection or gifting it to loved ones, this orchid hybrid promises to be a stunning centerpiece under the right care and attention. Enjoy the beauty and enchanting aroma of this marvelous orchid hybrid as it flourishes under your nurturing touch.

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