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Vanda tessellata

Vanda tessellata

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Introducing the Vanda tessellata, a captivating orchid species native to the lush landscapes of India. This remarkable Vanda stands out with its semi-terete leaves, contributing to a more compact stature compared to its strap-leafed counterparts. The magnificent flowers boast an exquisite contrast, featuring tan/brown petals and sepals complemented by a vibrant purple lip. What's more, this fragrant Vanda species emits a delightful aroma reminiscent of s'mores, adding an extra layer of sensory pleasure to your orchid experience.

Native to Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, the Vanda tessellata thrives in dry and intermediate zones at elevations around 1500 meters. Its characteristic tall, upright stems, adorned with thick and fleshy triangular-shaped leaves, create a visually striking display. Expect the production of massive flowers on long inflorescences, each carrying 5 to 12 medium-sized blooms with a captivating greenish hue and a truly eye-catching blue-purple lip.

Standing at a height of 12" to 18" with robust, healthy roots, the Vanda tessellata is an easy-to-grow orchid that may bless you with its blossoms more than once a year. Cultivating this beauty is a rewarding experience, and here are some essential tips to ensure its thriving growth:

Potting Options:

  • Opt for a 4" basket if you prefer bare root planting, especially in high humidity conditions where daily watering is possible.
  • Alternatively, choose a 6" basket filled with moss or a clay pot with extra-large New Zealand bark. This setup retains moisture around the roots, reducing the need for daily watering.

Light and Watering:

  • Provide bright light for optimal growth, ensuring the Vanda tessellata receives ample sunlight.
  • Water regularly during the active growth period (spring through early fall), keeping the medium consistently moist.
  • In cooler months, reduce watering to mimic the plant's natural dormancy, allowing it to rest and prepare for the next blooming cycle.

Discover the joy of cultivating the Vanda tessellata, a botanical treasure that brings the beauty of Indian orchids into your own living space. With its striking appearance, delightful fragrance, and ease of care, this orchid is sure to become a prized addition to your collection.

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