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Vanilla planifolia

Vanilla planifolia

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Introducing Vanilla 'planifolia', the epitome of exotic flavor and botanical elegance. This epiphytic wonder demands attention with its intricate growth habits and promises the luscious reward of hand-pollinated vanilla pods. Here's everything you need to know to cultivate this treasure:

Cultivation Tips:

Potting: Opt for a fine potting soil, enriched with perlite or sand for improved drainage. Avoid garden or acidic soils, as they may hinder growth. Schedule biannual repottings in spring and autumn, gradually increasing pot size to accommodate root expansion without drowning the plant. This regimen minimizes the need for fertilizers, preserving the health of the delicate root system. Provide a fibrous stake for Vanilla 'planifolia' to climb naturally, allowing its aerial roots to adhere and support its growth.

Watering: Exercise moderation in watering, ensuring thorough saturation of the root ball while allowing the substrate to dry between waterings. Test soil moisture by inserting a finger; if moisture persists, refrain from watering. Vanilla 'planifolia' is resilient to drought but susceptible to waterlogging. Water at the base of the plant to prevent stagnation, minimizing the risk of fungal infections. To augment humidity, place water-filled bowls in proximity to the plant, aiding atmospheric moisture without misting.

Indoor Placement: As a quintessential houseplant, position Vanilla 'planifolia' in a warm, brightly lit area, steering clear of direct sunlight to prevent scorching.

Outdoor Considerations: While Vanilla 'planifolia' flourishes indoors, it's essential to note its vulnerability to frost and cold temperatures, restricting outdoor cultivation to select regions of Southern Europe.

Fertilization: Embrace natural cultivation practices by avoiding chemical fertilizers. Instead, prioritize regular repottings to sustain plant health, nurturing Vanilla 'planifolia' with the care it deserves.

We're thrilled to present this plant to you, the very species instrumental in vanilla extract production. These vines require reaching heights of 12-15 feet before they bloom.


This are blooming size cutting of adult plant, in 5" or 6" pot (approx. 12"-36" in length), about 1 to 3 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

- var. variegated

- var. green foliage

Indulge your senses and elevate your botanical repertoire with Vanilla 'planifolia', an enchanting addition to any home or garden.

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