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Cattleya tenebrosa var. alba x Cattleya briegeri

Cattleya tenebrosa var. alba x Cattleya briegeri

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This cross between C. tenebrosa var. alba x C. briegeri., it is considered a "primary hybrid" because it is a cross between two species.

Laelia briegeri 'Gold Country' is a member of the rupicolous Laelias of Brazil, these rock dwellers grow in bright conditions with very warm days and cooler nights. They tend to grow in pockets of organic debri and prefer to slightly dry between waterings but kept more damp when in spike

This is a cross between two of the best beautiful laelias, and have resulted in nice sized golden yellow flowers.

This is a near blooming size in a 5" clay pot. aprox 1 to 2 years to blooming size

SEASON: Typically Spring or Summer
TEMPS: Intermediate
WATERING: Should dry slightly between waterings
LIGHT: Filtered, bright light

NOTE: These are a seedling population and NOT clones. It should be understood that although we assure the identity of all of our plants it's very possible to have plants from the same species be slightly different from one another.
Any photos shown are images that represent the possibility of each plant under proper care.

The last two photos are a representation of the parents.

Please refer to the potted plant photo for actual plant size only one available.

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