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Dendrobium Jaquelyn Thomas 'Uniwai Mist'

Dendrobium Jaquelyn Thomas 'Uniwai Mist'

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Dendrobium Jacquelyn Thomas 'Uniwai Mist' is an attractive white DenPhal type orchid – super straightforward to take care of!

This compact sized orchid variety has charming white blooms with elegant, pale pink accents. The flowers are very long lasting (3-4 months). The long 18-24 inch flower spikes can emerge twice per year or more. 

The flowers have spoon shaped petals with a slight twist and a colored in white, purple and pink. They also have a nice fragrance.

These classic Dendrobium flowers also have the slight scent of jasmine.

Grow in medium-bright to bright light. Warmer temperatures are best to keep this variety growing steady.

We are currently offering first time bloom size plants

Blooming Size 2.5" inch pot. Newly Repotted, may be sent bare-root.

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