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Encyclia tampensis var. alba - In SPIKE!

Encyclia tampensis var. alba - In SPIKE!

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Introducing the exquisite Encyclia tampensis var. alba, a stunning variant of the beloved Florida Butterfly Orchid. This native beauty is a must-have for any orchid enthusiast, boasting delicate white blooms that exude a captivating fragrance. Here's why Encyclia tampensis var. alba deserves a place in your collection:

Description: Encyclia tampensis var. alba features elegant pseudobulbs adorned with slender grass-like leaves, creating a striking silhouette. Its inflorescences emerge from the leaf axil, showcasing up to 45 fragrant flowers. The sepals and petals display a mesmerizing array of colors, ranging from yellow and copper to green or bronze, while the lip is adorned with enchanting white veining and delicate purple spots or striping at the center.

Cultivation Tips: To ensure optimal growth and bloom, follow these expert cultivation tips:

  1. Light: Provide bright, indirect light for vigorous growth. Partial shade is ideal to prevent leaf burn.
  2. Mounting: Encyclia tampensis var. alba thrives when mounted on wooden baskets or driftwood as it matures. This allows for proper air circulation around the roots.
  3. Watering: Keep the orchid on the dry side, allowing the roots to dry between waterings. During active growth periods (May-August), water 2-3 times a week, ensuring good drainage to prevent waterlogged roots.
  4. Humidity: Maintain moderate to high humidity levels, especially during flowering. A humid environment promotes healthy growth and abundant blooms.
  5. Fertilization: Apply a weak fertilizer every 2-4 weeks during the growing season to provide essential nutrients for robust growth and prolific flowering.
  6. Air Circulation: Ensure strong air circulation around the plant to prevent fungal diseases and promote overall health.

Flowering Period: Encyclia tampensis var. alba typically blooms from May to August, with a peak in June, adding a touch of elegance and fragrance to your space.

Versatile Growth: This orchid thrives on a wide variety of trees, including live oak, red maple, gum, bald cypress, buttonwood, pop ash, and pond apple, mimicking its natural habitat for optimal growth.

This is a blooming size in a 4” pot about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

Elevate your orchid collection with the enchanting beauty of Encyclia tampensis var. alba. With proper care and attention to cultivation, you'll be rewarded with exquisite blooms and lush foliage, transforming your space into a tropical paradise.

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