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Miltonia spectabilis moreliana var. alba

Miltonia spectabilis moreliana var. alba

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Miltonia spectabilis moreliana var. alba

An incredible species from Brazil. Cream white flowers with the fragrance of black licorice. These are nice plants that typically flower twice per year. Easy culture and great for window sills right next to your Phalaenopsis. 

A warm growing Miltonia. Grow in very bright light, potted or mounted. Plants should be watered just as they are drying out. Bear this in mind when choosing whether to pot or mount your plants so you can select the most appropriate media for the growing conditions. We recommend baskets for  when plants are grown alongside Vandas. Some sphagnum may be appropriate as a potting medium, so long as the moss does not remain soggy or sopping. Tree fern fiber is also a great option for potting—perhaps even preferable to sphagnum! A “weekly, weakly” fertilizing regimen will suit these plants just fine.

The alba variant from Miltonia spectabilis moreliana is a rare and unique find!

This is a blooming size division mounted in acacia artisan wood cilender with spagmoss about 1 to 2 years to bloom. It may ship bareroot. Grown from Seed! Limited 

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