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Vanda kimballiana

Vanda kimballiana

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Introducing the exquisite Vanda kimballiana, a captivating orchid species native to the lush landscapes of Southeast Asia. With its elegant white flowers adorned by a striking purple-magenta lip accented with vibrant orange markings, this botanical gem is a true marvel of nature.

Thriving at elevations of 3500-4500 feet, Vanda kimballiana is a resilient species found nestled among the rocky terrain of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and southern China. Its pendant growth habit, reminiscent of Vanda orchids, adds an enchanting touch to any orchid collection. The elongated stems bear terete, acuminate leaves, providing a visually pleasing backdrop to the stunning blooms.

Cultivating Vanda kimballiana is a rewarding experience. To ensure optimal growth and flowering, provide a mounting surface such as cork or tree fern, allowing ample air circulation around the roots. This species thrives in warm conditions with bright, indirect light, mimicking its natural habitat. During the growing season, maintain consistent moisture levels, watering generously and allowing the roots to slightly dry out between watering sessions. In the winter, a brief dry rest period is beneficial to encourage robust blooming.

Measuring under 12 inches in height, Vanda kimballiana remains compact while producing its pristine white flowers with a captivating magenta lip. As an added delight, the foliage may develop a subtle purple tint when exposed to higher light levels, enhancing its ornamental appeal.

This is a blooming size in a 3" pot, about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown froms seed, limited!

Embrace the beauty of Vanda kimballiana in your orchid collection and revel in its graceful presence. With its enchanting blooms and easy-care nature, this remarkable species is sure to captivate orchid enthusiasts and novices alike. Experience the allure of Southeast Asia's botanical treasure with Vanda kimballiana.

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